Thoughtful meals prepared in reusable glass jars. Delicious breakfast, lunch and snacks cooked in our kitchen daily.


We currently offer business lunches and event catering while creating a beautiful space in Manhattan (coming soon).


We use recyclable materials because we want to protect our environment. Named after a wildflower, we are inspired by the beauty of nature.


We’ve done all the thinking for you, join us in making eating well your new ritual.


Our Menu

We take a stand against pesticides, GMOs and artificial ingredients because we believe in food that is good for you and the environment.

Our recipes are inspired by traditional french home cooking and international flavors.  Contact us to learn more!


Our Epicurean Ethos

Own Your Lunch Break

Set aside your daily tasks and take 30 minutes to unplug. Disconnect from your crowded inbox and ringing phone, we promise the world will keep turning. 


Enjoy Every Bite

Ancolie curates the perfect balance between indulgent eats and healthy meals. You don’t have to think too hard, everything here is good for you. 

Take Advantage of That Time

Everyone has to eat! Pick a partner and share a meal. You’ll bounce back into your day feeling restored and ready for whatever life throws at you. 


Protect What Surrounds You

Every time you eat at Ancolie, you are contributing to a responsible ecosystem. Carry this mission beyond our doors and start by giving our glass jars a second life. 

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Our Story

Our founder, Chloe, grew tired of the typical readymade lunch options and never had time to wait in line for a custom meal.

What she craved was a plat du jour from her home country: a richly flavored but wholesome and balanced dish-of-the-day. 

She wanted an elegant and inviting oasis that offered real home cooking, efficient service and embraced the epicurean sensibility.

 This is when Ancolie was born.